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Safe Key Shop fully understands the importance of having a perfectly functioning and reliable locking system for your business, home, and car. It is essential to check door locks frequently. It is not always necessary to replace a broken or faulty lock; you can get it back to normal working condition through professional locks repair service. This proves economical than going in for a new lock. For guidance and service, you just need to call us on phone. We will examine the quality of the lock and give appropriate suggestions.

When do you need a lock change?

Safe Key Shop Ames, IA 515-209-2717People who have recently purchased new property in Ames, IA had better consider seeking professional help from skilled locksmiths for getting the locks changed. Quite frequently, realtors or the property’s previous owners tend to have spare keys. Sometimes locks may be damaged or faulty. Are they outdated or broken? Is the quality of your locks a concern? Safe Key Shop can be called for varied locksmith solutions such as repairing, re-keying, and changing locks in Ames, IA area.

Damaged or faulty locks? Our Locksmiths can repair them

Have you been a victim of burglary or vandalism? Is your locking mechanism faulty? Or did you accidentally break your lock? For any trouble, we have an array of locks repair as well as replacement services that ensures proper working condition of your locks.

We at Safe Key Shop are capable of offering locksmith service for any type of doors, garages, and shutters. Having the expertise to handle any type of locks, we try to repair your locks to the maximum possible effect, thus saving you the cost on new locks.

Need locks repair after a break-in? We are here!

In the unfortunate event of someone having broken into your property, your locks, apart from the windows and doors, would have been damaged. This necessitates rectifying the damage quickly. You may contact us for prompt locks repair and service in the event of a burglary in Ames, IA.

Proficiently repairing broken locks

Most people tend to neglect broken locks and garage locks. It is noteworthy that windows and garage doors are the easy point of entry for burglars. In case you come across any such vulnerable points, just call us; our professionals are ready to inspect and suggest either repair or total replacement service according to the severity of the issue.

If you are you seeking locks repair support in Ames, IA area, contact us!